Control Panel — API Documentation

Welcome to the new Control Panel. If you are having trouble with any functionality, or have any feedback, we would appreciate a support ticket. Additionally, you can continue to use the old control panel until it is retired in March 2019.

ScaleEngine Documentation: VOD Streaming Account - Setting up VOD


Upload your content to our storage. Once indexed, it will be available in the file browser for you to generate players.


Field Description Valid Usage
Server: The ScaleEngine storage server to which you will connect. Use ftp, sftp, scp or rsync to connect with username and password to (where N is the storage system number).
Patience This is necessary. You must wait until your content has completely uploaded before you try to play it. The indexer will show your new content after about 30 minutes.
Username: We provide you with a username. We generally name this after your account.
Password We provide you with a password to the storage system. It's faster to use ftp in many cases when transferring video files, but you can do more scripting with scp and rsync.