Control Panel — API Documentation

Welcome to the new Control Panel. If you are having trouble with any functionality, or have any feedback, we would appreciate a support ticket. Additionally, you can continue to use the old control panel until it is retired in March 2019.


This API retrieves the SEVU Ticket access logs for information on how a ticket has been used.

Example Request (JSON)


Example Code (PHP)

    $request = array(
        'command' => 'sevu.errorlog',
        'api_key' => 'APX4GKLM0RKQLSP2FBO1ROPKSSW47DZE',
        'timestamp' => time(),
        'cdn' => 158,
        'key' => 'mystream.53ffc996dd39d5.39102367',
        'starttime' => '2014-09-16'                 /* optional */
        //Create request signature
    $json_request = json_encode($request);
    $sig = base64_encode(hash_hmac('sha256', $json_request,
        '8fc8c48da81e6a2a06a9556379bf798af508dc0792497c678b4c3532ba8b637f', true));
    $request['signature'] = $sig;
    $json_request = json_encode($request);
    $ch = curl_init();
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, ''); // Set the URL
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, true); // Perform a POST
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); // If not set, curl prints output to the browser
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, false); // If set, curl returns headers as part of the data stream
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, array('json' => $json_request)); //'Json' string or 'PHP' serialized return
    //If your PHP host does not have a proper SSL certificate bundle, you will need to turn off SSL Certificate Verification
    //This is dangerous, and should only be done temporarily until a proper certificate bundle can be installed
    //curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, false); // Turns off verification of the SSL certificate.
    //curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false); // Turns off verification of the SSL certificate.
    $response = curl_exec($ch); //Execute the API Call
    if (!$response) {
        die('Failed to connect to ScaleEngine API');
    //Decode the response as an associative array 
    $arrResponse = json_decode($response, true); 
    if ($arrResponse) {
        //Operation completed successfully
        //TODO Add work here
    } else {
        //Operation failed
        echo 'An error occured processing your request:';

Request Fields

command [REQUIRED] [string] - API command to execute
cdn_id [REQUIRED] [int] - The ScaleEngine CDN ID of your account
api_key [REQUIRED] [string] - The API key provided as part of your account
timestamp [REQUIRED] [int] - The unix timestamp of your request, used to prevent authenticated API requests from being replayed
Key [REQUIRED] [string] - The SEVU ticket. This is the string that combined with the password provided when the ticket was created allows a user access to a protected stream.
starttime [OPTIONAL] [string] - A Date string that will limit results to only attempts that were made after or on the date requested.

Example Result (JSON)

    "code": 2101,
    "message": "ScaleEngine Virtual Usher Ticket uses found",
    "status": "success",
    "attempts" : [
        {"key": "mystream.53ffc996dd39d5.39102367",
        "datetime":"2013-11-20 18:10:48",
        "reason":"Invalid IP Address",
    "handle_time":"0.3795 seconds"

Result Fields

code [int] - API Response Code
  • 2100 - ScaleEngine Virtual Usher Ticket was not used
  • 2101 - ScaleEngine Virtual Usher Ticket uses found
message [string] - Debugging message
status [string] - "success" or "failure"
handle_time [float] - The amount of time spent processing your request
attempts [array] - Array of Attempt Logs
key [string] - The SEVU ticket. This is the string that combined with the password provided when the ticket was created allows a user access to a protected stream. Must be included in the server URL as the "key" parameter
datetime [string] - The date and time that the ticket was used.
ip [string] - The IP Address of the user that attempted to use the ticket.
video [string] - The video or stream that was being accessed.
app [string] - The application the video or stream was running on.
appinst [string] - the application instance.
pageurl [string] - The url address where the attempt originated.
refurl [string] - the referal address where the attempt.
success [int] - 1 if the ticket attempt was accepted, 0 if the ticket was rejected.
reason [string] - Description of why the ticket was rejected.
Possible Results:
  • Invalid Auth Token
  • Token Revoked
  • Expiration date surpassed
  • Wrong Application
  • Exceeded max views
  • Invalid IP Address
  • Not authorized for that video
  • Success
server [string] - Name of the server that handled the ticket request.