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About HTTP Status Codes

Responses from the API return an HTTP Status based on their success or failure. A successful request will result in a 200 response, while failures may result in a 401 for invalid credentials or 404 when trying to access an object with an invalid ID. A full list of status codes and their meaning can be found below.

It is important to check the status code for all responses from the API. Any responses that are outside of the 200 range should be checked for errors before making the request again.

HTTP Status Codes

200 OK

The request was successful, no futher action required

201 Created

The object was created and will be returned in the data field

400 Bad Request

The request was invalid and has errors that need to be corrected. Errors will be returned in the response with additional details. (see Errors page)

401 Unauthorized

Unauthorized API access, verify CDN # and API keys are correct

403 Forbidden

The request tried to access an objects that do not belong to it or do not exist

404 Not Found

Object being requested could not be found

405 Method Not Allowed

Attempting to delete an object without an ID

500 Server Error

The request was not able to be processed. This can indicate that the HTTP method is not valid or an error has occured.