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Storage Utilization

SEStore storage usage Read-only

The Storage Utilization object shows daily sumarized bytes used per SEStore.

By default, the API only returns the date and the bytes utilized on that date. To show more fields, use the fields filter. For eg:- to view the username and the storage dataset used by your files, pass fields=user,dataset as one of your query parameters. Check the supported fields in the Filters tab.


date String Autogenerated

The date the summarized data represents.

Sample value:2019-12-23

server Integer Autogenerated

Unique identifier of the server.

Sample value:123

user String Autogenerated

Storage user name.

Sample value:username

dataset String Autogenerated

Storage dataset

Sample value:sestore3/vodstore/username

bytes Integer Synthetic

Number of bytes used.

Sample value:1234567

start_date String

The date the summarized data should start at.

Sample value:2019-12-23

end_date String

The date the summarized data should end at.

Sample value:2019-12-30

fields Integer

Filter the response with the specified fields

Enum:date, server, vhost

Sample value:stream



Get the Storage Utilization object.

Example URL

Example cURL

curl --user 158:8fc8c48da81e6a2a06a9556379bf798af508dc0792497c678b4c3532ba8b637f

Example response data

    "data": [
            "date": "2021-10-19",
            "bytes": "185080787782"
            "date": "2021-10-20",
            "bytes": "150280475393"
            "date": "2021-10-21",
            "bytes": "141589065698"
            "date": "2021-10-22",
            "bytes": "27894963079"
            "date": "2021-10-23",
            "bytes": "4716902807"

This object is read-only and cannot be created

This object is read-only and cannot be updated

This object is read-only and cannot be deleted



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