Control Panel — API documentation

Stream controls

Stream controls object

Perform actions on a stream. Use this to disconnect streams, start/stop/split recording, and manually load/reload channels and switchboards.

The stream controls object will contain an array for both primary and backup, even in cases where the backup will never be hit, such as channels. These arrays will always contain the "status" key, which shows the nature of the interaction. A status of "skipped" means that server was not contacted. Generally the result of a command will be stored in "message".


name String Immutable Required

Stream Name

May only contain alpha numerical characters, dashes (-), and underscores (_)

Sample value:mystreamname

success Boolean Autogenerated

Shows if the operation was successful

Sample value:1

primary Array Autogenerated

Shows the result from the primary

backup Array Autogenerated

Shows the result from the backup

option:server String

Override which server to send to. Note that backup will only work for live stream controls

Enum:primary, backup

Sample value:backup

action String Normal Required

Action to perform on the stream. Choices:

Enum:disconnect, channel_start, channel_close, channel_reset, channel_reload, recording_start, recording_stop, recording_split, switchboard_reset, switchboard_switch

Sample value:recording_start

playlist String Normal

Playlist to use for channel_start and channel_reload

Sample value:playlist

Only for: action: channel_start action: channel_reload

offset Integer Normal

Offset to start at for channel_reload

Sample value:1

Only for: action: channel_reload

source_stream String Normal

Stream name to switch the switchboard to

Sample value:myinput

Only for: action: switchboard_switch

stream_list Array Normal

List of streams to temporarily replace the switchboard list

Sample value:

Only for: action: switchboard_reset



You cannot read the stream_controls endpoint.

You cannot perform a create on this endpoint.

Update the Stream_controls object with path mystreamname.

Example URL

Example cURL

curl -X POST --data-binary @/path/to/request/body --user 158:8fc8c48da81e6a2a06a9556379bf798af508dc0792497c678b4c3532ba8b637f

Example request body

    "action": "recording_start"

Example response data

    "data": {
        "success": true,
        "primary": {
            "message": "Default Recording started for stream: foo",
            "status": "success"
        "backup": {
            "status": "skipped"

You cannot delete the stream_controls endpoint.



You do not have access to modify this field


Missing one or more required fields


Data type does not conform to required field type


The value exceeded maximum length allowed


May only contain alpha numerical characters, dashes (-), and underscores (_)