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API Documentation: sevu.request


For HLS urls, the SEVU token key/pass must be appended as parameters, after the path and the playlist.m3u8 specification.
For RTMP urls, because JW Player uses "mp4:" as its separator to specify the path to a stream, we must place the parameters after the rtmp path, but before the mp4: separator.

Changes to JW Player Embed Generator Code

To make your SEVU tickets work with JW player in Flash, using RTMP, 
you must reverse the order in which the parameters and stream path appear.
This is horribly non-intuitive, but necessary if you want flash to work.

Use the Embed Generator to get your player code, and then edit the sources rtmp url,
which is the first file: line in that block.
Edit so that the "?key=" part goes after /play/ and the "mp4:" separator goes after 
the "&pass=" part of the urls.

For the HLS http url, simply append the parameters after "playlist.m3u8", which 
makes sense.

See below:

sources: [
{ file: 'rtmp://' },
{ file: ''}

Put your ticket parameters, key and pass, into JW like this, and your streams will play.