ScaleEngine Documentation: VOD Streaming Account - File Browser


The Control Panel On-Demand File Browser page shows each Video File with details; double click selection takes you to a player page with Embed code. New content takes about 30 minutes to get indexed. Note that you must rename files that you re-upload. Our caching system will not update files that you have re-upped, unless you rename them as well.

File Browser

Field Output Description
Storage Drop down We default this to your main active storage.
Valid The file browser indexer displays valid content by default. MP4 videos, m4v and mp3 files that have valid encoding and duration data, as well as smil manifests. You can see files that are problematic by selecting All or Invalid.
Search Changes the results page based on new search parameters.
Show Descriptions Displays title and description data. You can add this if you need to display currently playing content in your channel playlists, using the api.
Expand All Displays your full directory tree.
Filename Displays directory and file names. Expand directories to browse files.
Codec Displays detected codec of the file. Should be h264 for best results.
Dimensions Displays detected viewport height and width of video, and aspect ratio.
Bitrate Displays detected bitrate and profile of video. Consistent profiles and bitrates are key to good performance with channels and with VOD embeds.
Duration Displays detected duration of video or audio file.
FPS Displays detected frames per second of video. Consistent fps is another key to good performance with channels and with VOD embeds.