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Welcome to the new Control Panel. If you are having trouble with any functionality, or have any feedback, we would appreciate a support ticket. Additionally, you can continue to use the old control panel until it is retired in March 2019.

ScaleEngine Documentation: Live Streaming Account - Embed Generator


The Control Panel page for each Stream provides an example JW player.

Embed Code

Field Output Description
Embed Code Copy and paste this entire block of javascript into your web page and edit it as needed. You don't need the second line with the RTSP link unless you have RTSP client devices in your audience. Note that you can add any valid JW Player javascript variable on your page.
Example A generated example player is rendered below the javascript Embed Code to show the stream. This player will only work if you select a valid stream path. It does not display a different height and width, or any customizations. These need to be done on your website. However, if you are sending a stream, you will see it here.