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Welcome to the new Control Panel. If you are having trouble with any functionality, or have any feedback, we would appreciate a support ticket. Additionally, you can continue to use the old control panel until it is retired in March 2019.

Instructions: SSL certificates


SSL keys need to be refreshed on a regular basis. ScaleEngine has a server set up to allow you to manage and update your own keys. The server is located at and can be accessed with SSH, SCP, SFTP, and rsync. On the server, you have a full shell account.


There is one directory inside your home directory on the server by default: keys/. Upload your keys to this directory using SCP, SFTP, or rsync. Please do not upload new keys under a different filename, instead back up your old keys under a different name.

Security Considerations

Change your password.

Use SSH keys. You can create an authorized key with the following commands: First, generate a key and copy the public portion to your clipboard.
On the server:

  • mkdir ~/.ssh
  • chmod 700 ~/.ssh
  • touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
Now paste your key and use Ctrl + X to save. You will now be able to access the server using the key instead of a password.

Change Log

  • v1.0.0.2016.08.08 - added new document.