ScaleEngine Documentation: Channel Streaming Account - Editing and Building Lists


The Control Panel Channel Edit page shows list content and provides re-ordering and file browsing to make it easy to build lists.

Playlist Settings

Field Input Description
Name: This is the Playlist name; it is for internal reference and should remind you of what the list is for. Does it play on a day of the week, or does it have live as well as recorded content, etc.
Stream: The stream name for the list to play out on.
Repeat: Set the list set to loop continuously (Yes), play only once and then stop (No), or Fallback to another scheduled, active list (Fallback).
Metadata: Strip metadata (unchecked) or send it (checked).
Active: Set this stream active (checked), or stop it (uncheck) on the next five minute interval check.
Scheduled: Time that the list is scheduled to play.
Last Modified: UTC time that list was updated and saved.

Playlist Content

Field Output Description
Add Video Click this to bring up the Source widget.
Source: Live or VOD. VOD brings up the file browser. You can only add mp4, m4v or mp3 (audio only if you are doing radio). You don't need to enter a Start or Length unless you really need to trim the times. Live defaults to Start of -2 and Length 0. You should set a duration for a Live stream. If you disconnect, the next item in the list will play.
Save Updates the list. Updates Last Modified time. List will transition and play on the stream name you chose, with its new order from the beginning, or simply start playing out from the beginning if it is a new list, on the next 5 minute interval if it is active and the Scheduled time is now or earlier.